What can PPI do for you?


Have a vision for your community? PPI’s expert architects will handle every step of your project, from conducting an initial needs assessment to designing functional and sustainable buildings, even providing construction administration and interior design services.

Land Development

Courthouses. Shopping malls. Libraries. Parking lots. PPI projects range in type, size and scope, but all have one thing in common: efficient, cost-effective and innovative design. Whether you’re renovating an existing complex or starting from scratch, we’ll help you make the best use of your site.

Water Resources

As our region’s population grows, the need to manage water resources will become more and more critical. PPI works with public and private sector clients to deliver high-quality, reliable water and sewer resources.


If you’ve spent much time in north Georgia, chances are you’ve driven on a PPI road project. From Satellite Boulevard to S.R. 138 and points north, south, east and west, PPI has helped local communities handle traffic flow safely, efficiently and attractively.


Nothing says PPI like our signature surveying trucks, which cross all kinds of land, in all kinds of weather. Our expert teams use state-of-the-art technology, including Global Positioning Systems, to deliver accurate and on-time survey results for commercial, municipal and residential development projects.